Zotos Insite - Perm by Quantum - Regular #41353

Zotos Insite - Perm by Quantum - Regular #41353
New Discovery for Healthier Perm Results from Quantum

INSITE revolutionizes the world of perming by creating curls without sacrificing hair's health. This exclusive formulation preserves the integrity of hair's inner structure for healthier perm results:
  • Lasting, true-to-rod size, bouncy curls
  • Internal resilience and strength
  • Instant manageability for styling ease
  • Touchable, natural feel
  • Maximum shine

    Exclusive Formulation
  • Exclusive low-thio formulation with KERAMINE, an advanced protein-based waving agent that 'processes in' natural strength and resilience.
  • Ammonia-free formulation processes with minimal odor.
  • Contains a balance of protein and moisturizers for optimal strength and condition
  • Advanced, low pH, silicone neutralizer locks in curl and enhances manageability and shine.
  • Test curl for stylist customization and control / No dryer heat required

    3 Formulas Balanced for Different Porosities and Conditions
  • Delicate - Fortifying Formula with equalizing pre-wrap. For: Fragile, stressed hair, tinted hair (high or low volume), Highlighted (high volume or bleach), Previously permed
  • Normal - Balanced Action Formula. For: Normal, untreated hair, Non-resistant fine and medium textures, Semi-permanent color, Highlighted (low volume)
  • Resistant - Maximum Action Formula. For: Resistant fine or coarse textures, Long / heavy hair, Resistant grey hair out of stock