XBI 100% PURE GLYCERIN Vegetable Oil 8oz

XBI 100% PURE GLYCERIN Vegetable Oil 8oz

Skin Use: Retaining moisture is vital for keeping skin in its best condition. Glycerin Vegetable Oil by XBI is an excellent source for obtaining moisturizing elements which aid in keeping skin healthy and youthful. There are many factors that cause dry skin and accelerate aging, but our specially formulated Glycerin is beneficial for protecting and maintaining healthy skin.

Hair Use: Dry, brittle hair will benefit from the moisturizing benefits of Glycerin Vegetable Oil by XBI. Glycerin will help eliminate breakage and split ends while providing a healthy shine.

Directions: Apply a small amount to skin and hair. Be sure to spread evenly to avoid clumping. Use daily for best results.

Glycerin, Fragrance, Yellow#11 (C.I 47000)
8oz / 237ml