Vitale LIFE and BODY Hair Relaxer with Aloe Vera - 16oz jar

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Vitale LIFE and BODY Hair Relaxer with Aloe Vera - 16oz jar
Vitale LIFE and BODY Hair Relaxer with Aloe Vera - 16oz jar

Vitale Life And Body Hair Relaxer With Aloe Vera is recommended for medium to coarse hair, this creamy formula is easy to apply and produces silky straight and shiny hair. Infused with Aloe Vera it provides nourishment and healing to the hair and scalp during the relaxer process.

IMPORTANT: Thoroughly read warning and instructions prior to using this product. Conduct a strand test according to steps 2 to 4 of directions, 24 hours prior to service, and proceed only if results are favorable. Do not wet or pre-shampoo hair.

1. STEP 1: Base Application:
Apply a thin coating of Vitamle base Creme to ears, neck, around hairline and entire scalp to avoid sensations. Check scalp carefully. If it has abrasions and/or abnormal conditions postpone relaxer application until conditons clear. Do not apply directly on scalp.
Processing Guide: use your professional judgment and the following guidelines to achieve the best results.


Fine/color Treated.....Ideal.....13 minutes
Medium/Normal....LIfe And body...15 minutes
Coarse/resistant......Concorde...18 minutes

STEP 2: Relaxer Application:
Virgin: Set timer according to timing guide. part hair into four sectins and apply ample amount of Ideal to the back sections 1/2 inch away from the scalp to ends using thin sections and continue on to the two front sections. continue by spreading relaxer onto hair closet to scalp and smooth hair to achieve deisred straightening. When processing is complete, risne hair thorughly with warm water.
Touch Up: Set timer according to timing guide. part hair into four sections and apply ample amount of ideal to new growth hair only starting with the two back sections using thin partings. Continue onto the two front sections and when application is finished, gently smooth hair to achieve desired straigtening. When processing is complte, rinse hair thorughly with warm water.

STEP 3: Reviving:
Apply Vitale revive Positive conditioner. Leave on hair for 2 minutes. Do not rinse.

STEP 4: Shampooing:
ApplyVitamle Neutralizing Shampoo on top of Vitale Revive Positive Conditioner and work into rich lather. Rinse and repeat second time if pink color is evident in foam or rinsing water, then reapply for third time.

STEP 5: Conditioning Treatment:
Apply Vitale corrective Conditioner to hair for 10 minutes (For damaged hair sit under dryer for 10 minutes) and rinse with warm water, towel blot and proceed to vitale styling products.

1. This product contains Sodium Hydroxide (lye). you must follow directions carefully to avoid skin and scalp burns, hair loss and eye injury.
2. Allow 3 to 4week between chemical services (haircolor and relaxers) to recondition hair prior to applying relaxer.
3. If relaxer causes ksin or scalp irritation rinse out with water immediately and use Vitale Neutralizing shampoo. consult a physician if irritation persists. if relaxer gets into eyes risne out immediately and consult a physician.
4. Always wear protective gloves
5. Do not use on hair that has been treated wiht Ammonium thioglycolate.
6. For external use only.
7. Do not use on hair that has been lightened with high lift color or belach, or colored with metallic dyes.

CAUTION: Hair is Flammable. Keep away from open flame, fire and lit tobacco products. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Avoid eye contact, if contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. If
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