Trim Emery Boards - seven boards #63500

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Trim Emery Boards - seven boards #63500

For over 60 years, TRIM has been the most trusted name in quality personal care products, offering the best customer value by providing  quality at a popular price. 

  • Manufactured from high quality materials to ensure long lasting performance
  • Two finishes: a coarse side fro shaping and a finer textured surface for smoothing nails. 

Directions: Hold emery board at an angle just under the nail edge. Using the shaping surface (dark side) of the board, start on one side of the nail filing in one direction toward the center of the nail using light strokes. Then file the other side of the nail in the same manner to achieve the preferred shape. Using the same procedure smooth  away any rough edges with the finishing surface (light side) of the emery board.