Toolworx Hair Shears 6.5in Offset - TX11245

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Toolworx Hair Shears 6.5in Offset - TX11245
Professional Barber shears

6.5 inches Straight 2inches wide
Japanese Stainless Steel
Adjustable Tension
Removable finger Rest

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1.Removable finger rest for comfort and ease of use
2.Removable finger ring inserts to best fit size of your hand
3.Adjustable pivot screw creates tension and feel tailored to your individual teate

Care for your implement
Store shears in a dry area. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.
If necessary, add a drop of oil to the joint area and work oil through the shears by opening and closing the handles: Wipes excess oil or disinfectant from the shears when finished. Disinfect using a system which comlies with your local laws. Place shears handle down if using a disinfectant jar. Do not carry implements unprotected in a bag. All shears dull with use and should be taken to a reputable sharpening service when needed