Toolworx Hair Shaper With Blades - TX12570

Toolworx Hair Shaper With Blades - TX12570
Two Blades
Easily Textureizes Hair

Instantly Texturizes hair with visible support, movement and volume. Shags, Bevels and Shapes hair to easily create today's hairstyles. Two blades for twice the use.

To Use: Use with care, blade is extremely sharp. Always use hair shaper on wet hair, as razor may pull on dry hair. Best when used to bevel hair at an angle. Disinfect blades with alcohol and wipe dry when finished. Hair Shaper is disposable. When blades become dull, purchase a new Hair Shaper.

Store in a dry area. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Disfect blades carefully with alcohol. Carefully wipe dry when finished