Tcb NATURALS No-Lye Relaxer - 1 Application Kit

Tcb NATURALS No-Lye Relaxer - 1 Application Kit
Tcb NATURALS No-Lye Relaxer - 1 Application Kit
with conditioning Olive oil & Aloe

Tcb Naturls No-lye Relaxer With Conditioning Olive Oil combines nature and science fro truly beautiful hair.
  • Leaves hair Conditioned & Moisturized
  • Contains Natural Ingredients
  • Provides a rich, Brilliant Shine

    The easy, one application process is designed to provide long-lasting straightness, while the Olive OIl and vitamin rich formula promotes a healthy-looking scalp, moisturizes, conditoins and strengthens, for hair that isshiny and full of body.

  • Part your hair into four sections, as illustrated.
  • Apply protective gel to nape, hairline and ears. Wear gloves during application of relaxer.
  • Set timer for the appropriate amount of time. It is suggested you ask a friend to assist you in the application of the Relaxer creme. Outline rear sections with Relaxer. When applying, remember to start at the bottom and move upward. Apply relaxer to front hairline last. Starting at the nape, part off a 1/4" area of hair at bottom of one section. Apply relaxer to new growth only. Part off a 2nd 1/4" area, pull hair down and apply relaxer to new growth. Repeat until you reach the crown. Move to the bottom of the other rear section and repeat procedure.
  • Repeat in both front sections. Start by outlining with relaxer the way you did on rear sections, but dont apply relaxer to hairline now. Start at temple, part off 1/4" area and apply relaxer as you did in back sections.

  • Wearing Protective gloves, use your first two fingers or back of a comb, smooth upward at the nape.
  • part a thin section and smooth downward. Repeat throughout section.
  • Repeat this procedure in the front sections.

    RINSE HAIR: After desired relaxation is achieved, rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. Be sure to remove all traces of Relaxer. Pay close attention to rinsing your hairline and around your ears.

  • Apply generous amount of Color Code Neutralizing & Decalcifying shampoo to hair and work into lather. The Color code shampoo will indicate where the creme relaxer remains in the hair by producing a pink lather. Rinse well and repeat shampoo process. When all of the creme relaxer is removed from the hair and around the ears forehead and nape of neck, the lather will be white. Rinse thoroughly for at least 2-54 minutes.

  • Apply protein conditioner. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water after 4-5 minutes.

    WARNING: Keep out of reach of children. This product contains and alkali agent and guanidine carbonate (toxic). Keep this product and all other away from eyes and mouth. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, scalp and mouth. Product may cuase blindness. If product gets in eyes, rinse thoroughl with water. if product is swallowed or eaten do not induce vomitting, consult a physician or posion control center. Contact with skin or scalp may cause severe injury. Misuse of this product can cause hair and skin damage. Follow directions carefyully to avoid skin and scalp burns, hair loss and eye injury. You must use suitable gloves when applying and rinsing product. Do not use on bleached or permanently colored hair. Do not use on hair that is breaking, splitting and shedding, or damaged. If hair has been previouly processed, apply only to the new growth as described in the diretions. Apply protectiv