Taliah Waajid CRINKLES AND CURLS Styling Lotion

Taliah Waajid CRINKLES AND CURLS Styling Lotion
Taliah Waajid CRINKLES AND CURLS Styling Lotion
Black Earth Products

Crinkles and Curls

Natural Hair and Lock Styling Lotion

  • Holds CUrls, Crinkles, sets and Crimps twice as long
  • No Flaking or hardening
  • Adds Moisture and Sheen with no Build up
  • Cuts down on drying time
  • Use for wet sets or dry sets.

    BALCK EARTH PRODUCTSl is an natural anit-bacterial system based on Bay Laurel. All colors and fragrances used in these products are derived from dried fruit extracts or juices.

    Taliah Waajid is a World renown Natuarl Hair Care SPecialist, Natural Hair Eduactor, Master Cosmetologist, Natural Hair Salon Owner and the founder of the World Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show. SHe has over 25 years of hands-on experience in servicing natural hair, braids, locs, twists, etc. She knows what your hair needs to be healthy. Try her complete healthy hair system of Ultra Premium, Moisture-based Products. You will immediately feel and see a positive difference in your hair. "My products provide the moisture needed to promote hair growth, softness, manageability and longer lasting styles."

    Directions for wet sets: Condition hair with Enhancing Herbal Conditioner, rinse and towel dry. Section off a few locks. If the locs are thick, it is best to section off less locs per roller. Apply Crinkles & Curls to cover the section of locks to be rolled. use end papers to avoid hair breakage. Begin setting the hair from the tip of the locs and roll towards the roots of the locks. Braid or twist the hair for crinkle/crimp style. Sit under dryer until hair is dry.

    Directions for dry sets or overnight sets: Section off locks to be set. Apply Crinkles & Curls directly to the locks. Begin to rol lthe hair starting at the tip of the locks and roll toward the roots. Braid or twist the hair for crinkles/Crimps. Undo once hair is dry.

    Note: Use rod, for a longer lasting set.

    INGREDIENTS: water (aqua), DMDM hydantoin, cocamide D.E.A. styleze, silwax, sage (salvia Officnalis), Diazolidinyl Urea, caltaine-c, vitamin E, (tochphryl), INdian hemp, (Cannabis Sativa), Dimethicone, nettle (Citrus Aurantium amra), tea tree extract, (Melaluca Alternifollis), Jasmine, (Jasminum officinate), Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis), Fragrance, (Parfum).

    Comes in two sizes: 8 fl oz bottle & 32 fl oz bottle

    UPC: 815680020213
    UPC: 815680020213