Taliah Waajid African Healing Oil - 8oz bottle # 51169

Taliah Waajid African Healing Oil - 8oz bottle # 51169
Taliah Waajid African Healing Oil - 8oz bottle # 51169

*Eliminates Dryness
*Coats hair and adds sheen
*Softens and moisturizes
*Total hair and body oil

African Healing Oyl protects hair and skin from dryness. African Healing Oyl brings life to dull, dry and over processed hair. Use as often as desired on skin. African Healing Oyl is a light non-greasy formula. The fine aroma is pleasant and does not clash with cologne. For the best reults, use the complete line of BLACK EARTH PRODUCTS.

DIRECTIONS: Apply after first shampoo, cover hair with plastic cap and sit under dryer for at least 15 minutes. RInse and lightly shampoo with TOTAL BODY BLACK EARTH SHAMPOO.

DIRECTIONS: Rub onto hair,skin, nails, face, hands, feet, etc. to remove dryness. Can also be slightly warmed for massage oil.

BALCK EARTH PRODUCTS: is an natural anit-bacterial system based on Bay Laurel. All colors and fragrances used in these products are derived from dried fruit extracts or juices.

Who is Taliah Waajid?
She is someone who knows what is best for natural hair from hands-on experience. Taliah Waajid is a Natural Hair Expert, a Master Cosmetologist and an instructor of natural hair care.She has over 20 years of professional, hands- on experience in natural hair care and braiding.

Taliah Waajid is a World Renown Natural Hair Care Specialist, Nattural Hair Educator, Master Cosmetologist, Natural Hair salon owner and the founder of the World Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show. She has over 25 years of Hands-On experience in serving natural hair, braids, locs, twists, etc.

UPC: 815680511698
UPC: 815680511698