Surgi Wax Honey Wax Strips # 82518

Surgi Wax Honey Wax Strips # 82518
Ardell Surgi Wax Honey Wax Strips Honey Wax Strips for Bikini, Body & Legs.
Discover the easiest hair removal method available:
Warm in hands for a moment, pull strips apart, apply and remove. It's that simple - no mess & no fuss. Surgi-Wax Honey Wax Strips feature Maple Honey to firmly grasp fine and even short hair (1/8" is all you need) and remove it from the root.
Ready to use strips remove hair from arms, legs, bikini, everywhere. Stay smooth and hair-free fro up to 6 weeks! As our bonus to you, we have included a Free Soothing Gel with Aloe, Chamomile & Cucumber to soothe and moisturize skin after hair removal.

UPC: 074764825186