Style Renegade Metal Cuts DVD - Volume Two

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Style Renegade Metal Cuts DVD - Volume Two

Style Renegade's bad boys , David Guerin and Marty Kuks, jump on their rides and hit the road to bring education that is above what is expected and is a thrill to view. In this volume, you will enjoy the journey that the Bad Boys take you on as they overcome extreme challenges to blaze their trail. 

Using multiple tools - from clippers to shears to texturing - these guys will teach techniques on everything from barbering to advanced hair designing. You'll learn flat topping ,fading and extreme texturing and layering. 

What about learning clipper maintenance? Don't even worry about it... they'll teach you everything you need to know!

They believe that since hair grows everywhere, it should be cut everywhere. From the Rock to the Biker Rally to the mountains,these renegades turn up the heat as the hair is flying.