Style Renegade Metal Cuts DVD - Volume One

Style Renegade Metal Cuts DVD - Volume One
Let the STYLE RENEGADE David Guerin, and his team of Renegades take you through an educational experience full of knowledge, skill and excitement. You will be motiviated to challenge yourself to achieve new plateus in the art of clipper cutting.

In this episode you will enjoy the competition between two teams of Renegades as they go at it head to head.

  • Team 1- David Guerin and EJ McDaris II
  • Team 2 Amalia Segovia Borntrager and Karl Richmond

  • Each team mist cut and style 5 models (3 men and 2 women)
  • Each team must explain the haircuts and technique used.
  • Everything in the cut must be done with clippers and trimmers only

    You will enjoy a great blend of both English and Spanish as these two Renegade teams turn up the volume and heat up the screen with high energy clipper cutting techniques.

    You will learn to FADE, LAYER, BLEND, SEPARATE and TEXTURE. You will learn how to trim and line-out facial hair. You will learn the art of cutting Ethnic hair, long hair, and tons of pricelss information in the art of clipper cutting.