Stay On Satin LARGE SIZE BONNET #7600

Stay On Satin LARGE SIZE BONNET #7600
Stay on Satin anti-breakage
  • Special satin helps prevent breakage.
  • Smooth outside
  • Soft inside gently holds cap in place
  • Slides on your pillow
  • Built in anti-breakage conditioner
  • Prevents breakage and svaes yours tyle better than any ordinary satin

    Wake up right with the highest quality, no elastic, no velcro, two sided fabric that stays on all night, prevents breakage and saves your style like never before.

    Anti-breakage satin fabric is treated with a dry and non-greasy vapor pressure process. The active ingredients are released by natural body heat and the gentle action of your hair against the smooth satin material.

    Weat at night as you would with ant regular sleep cap. Do not wash Stay On Satin or treatment effect will be lost. To preserve maximum effectiveness keep stay on satin in the resealable bag. Replace every 2 months or as needed.