Stay On Satin Anti-breakage Large Scarf- Style7779

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Stay On Satin Anti-breakage Large Scarf- Style7779
Wake upright with the highest quality, no elastic, no velcro, two sided fabric that stays on all night and saves your style like never before.

Anti-breakage speacial satin helps prevent breakage.
  • Smooth outside slides on your pillow
  • Soft inside gently holds cap in place
  • Built in Anti-breakage conditioner
  • Prevents breakage and saves your style better than any ordinary satin

    Why use an ordinary satin bonnet?
    This revolutionary new product will actually help prevent hair breakage with a built in conditioner-while you sleep.

    Instructions: Wear at night as you would any regular sleep cap. Do not wash Stay On Satin or treatment effect will be lost. To preserve maximum effectiveness keep Stay On Satin in this reseable bag. Replace every 2 months.

    UPC: 019663077793