Spartan WaveBuilder Durag

Spartan WaveBuilder Durag
Wave Builder Durag from Spartan Brands Inc
Picture is Style 192-AW

  • Form Fitting
  • Stays Tight All Night
  • For Maximum Wave Making Potential

    Tired of the same old style you’ve been rockin’ for years? WaveBuilder is your complete wave building solution.

    Packed with Protein and Amino Acids, WaveBuilder makes it easy to get deep spinning waves!

  • Full size for the perfect fit
  • Breathable cool and comfortable premium fabric
  • Fits right with extra long tails

    Wavebuilder products are specifically made for those with curly to extremely curly hair. These type of textured hair have the ability to develop into a stylish wave pattern. Three main Wavebuilder products will help one style and hold a maximum wave result. Wavebuilder pomade, gels, holding cream, and texturizer will keep the style intact. Moreover, the correct use of brushing is a vital mantience process that needs much attention.

    Note the 2 primary color choices for this WaveBuilder durag are Black (192) and White (192-AW).

    UPC: 019663001927