Soft Sheen HI REZ Permanent HairColor Kit (Single Pack)

Soft Sheen HI REZ Permanent HairColor Kit  (Single Pack)

Soft Sheen HI REZ Permanent HairColor Kit  (Single Pack)

Achieve high impact vibrant color in one step.

Especially Designed For Dark Hair, Maximum Conditioning Formula, Permanent haircolor One Application.

  • Now you can achieve long-lasting, pure, true-to-tone haircolor on dark hair in one step.
  • Breakthrough technology has been specifically developed for dark hair to deposit rich vibrant tones wihtout brassiness.
  • Provides maximum conditioning for soft, shiny hair.
  • It's a color revolution!

    APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Choose the application method that is most approvpriate for your hair: "Full-head Application: or "Retouch Application".


    1. PREPARE
  • Put on gloves.
  • Twist off the tip of the Hi Rex Creme Developer applicator cap (large bottle labeled "1"). Remove cap from the applicator bottle.
  • Do not squeeze or put haircolor tube under pressure until you have pierced the tube ipening complegtely. Do not point either end of the tube towards face while opening or using.
  • Add the entire contents of Hi Rez permanent haircolor creme (large tube labeled "2") into the Hi Rez creme developer applicator bottle (labeled "1").
  • Carefully open Hi Rez Color IOntensifier tube (small tube) and add entire contents into applicator bottle. use caution when opening the Hi Rez Color Intensifier tube and pouring contents to avoid spilling. Replace the applicator cap securely.
  • Place your gloves finger over open tip. Point away from your face and shake thoroughly until mixture is smooth and creamy.
  • Never leave the tip unopened after mixing. The container may burst.

    2. APPLY
  • Part dry unwashed hair into 4 sections and clip in place with plastic clips if hair isl ong.
  • Apply color mixture. Squeeze the applicator bottle gently to apply color beginning at the hairline in the back: then continue upward unti tlhe hair roots and entire hairline are completely covered.
  • For hair with resistant gray, apply to gray areas first.
  • With gloved hands, gently smooth color out to the ends for even distribution making sure that every strand is covered. DO NOT RUB INTO SCALP.
  • Do not save any unused mixture; the container may burst.
  • If any mixture gets on skin, simply wipe off with towel.

    3. TIMING
  • After completing the application, process for 30 minutes.

    4. RINSE-OUT
  • When processing time is up add a little lukewarm water to yourhair and work the color into a lather.
  • Rinsethoroughly until water runs clear.
  • If mixturegets into your eyes, rinse out quickly with cool water. After rinsing, towel dry.

  • With the conditioning shampoo packette (labeled "3") Provided, shampoo hair twice thoroguhly, using half of the content for each shampoo. Rinse until water runs clear, after each shampooing. It is important to shampoo twice after rinsing off mixture to avoid staining on towels or clothing.
  • If mixture gets into eyes, immediately flush with lukewarm water, Call a physician.
  • Squeeze excess water from hair
  • Empty the entire contents of Hi Rez Post-color conditioner tube (label "4") intot he hair and work through. Leave on the hair for 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water; dry and style hair as usual.


    1. PREPARE
  • Follow step #1 in the "Full-Head Application&q
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