Salon Pro HAIR FOOD - 4oz bottle

Salon Pro HAIR FOOD - 4oz bottle
Salon Pro with Castor Oil Hair Food Hair & Scalp Nourishment

4 OZ (113 G)

Salon Pro Hair Food is a lanolin-enriched treatment which repairs and strengthens hair that has been weakened or damaged by chemicals, thermal styling, or even everyday hair growing. This blend of natural oils, reparative proteins and conditioners penetrates easily into the hair shaft as it lubricates the scalp, softens the hair, and adds sheen and helps strengthens all damaged sites in the hair. Each strand is strengthened with keratin, the protein which is the building block of hair making the hair pliable as it returns to its proper moisture balance.

Direction: use as a daily hairdress by applying to the scalp, followed by brushing.

  • Carrot Oil Formula with Castor Oil
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