Roberts Medicated Soap - 90g

Roberts Medicated Soap - 90g

Roberts Medicated Soap - 90g

Bacteria and germs that live on the skin, especially in the pores and crevasses and around the nails, cause many Diseases and infections. Roberts Medicated Soap has been especially formulated to contain a germicide, which acts deep in the pores of the skin, removing the last traces of these causing germs.

•Guarantees absence of body odor: by removing the bacteria, which cause this social affliction.

•Removes unsightly pimples and spots from the face and body. Just wash the affected area daily. Allow the lather to stay on the skin then rinse off. Repeat until the skin is clear and smooth.

•Treats Prickly Heat

•Removes Dandruff. Scurf and other parasites from the head. Shampoo the hair by lathering vigorously; allow remaining on the head for several minutes and then rinse off.