Revlon NATURAL YAKY - 100% WEAVING Human Hair - 12inch

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Revlon NATURAL YAKY - 100% WEAVING Human Hair - 12inch
Revlon Natural Yaky Weaving Hair
Soft & Real - 100% Human Hair
Feel Attractive and Desirable when you are wearing Revlon 100% Human Hair Addition to your hair.

Only Revlon is so soft and beautiful, natural and comfortable... for a look and feel that is like no other human hair product.

Now you can have the look you have always wanted... From long and wavy... to dramatically straight... with the feeling of confident sexiness that could only be Revlon.
After all, when it comes to looking fabulous, who knows better than Revlon?

Care Instructions
1. Wash hair with warm or cool water.
2. Use shampoo and brush gently.
3. Rinse throughly with hair conditioner and apply cream rinse or wet-look spray as desired.
4. Pat dry and brush with a wide-toothed comb, spray throughout.
5. Set and dry naturally.
6. Comb into desired style after hair is completely dry.

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