Relaxer Comb-N-Brush - Comb #2915

Relaxer Comb-N-Brush - Comb #2915
Annie Relaxer Comb-N-Brush Comb

Hair coloring comb gentle and easy.

A special design that combines bristles and comb to color the hair without touching the scalp. Cal also be used for relaxing hair.

1. Put the crème or gel hair dye on the bristle brush part of the comb evenly.

2. Use the pointed end of the comb to part hair.

3. With the bristle brush side facing upward, put the comb under the portion of the hair that was parted. Turn the comb clockwise about 45 degrees until the comb is parallel with the ground. Pull the comb out in slow motion (see diagram) with the hair dye touching the hair at the same time.