Professional LIQUID Peroxide - 4oz bottle

Professional LIQUID Peroxide - 4oz bottle
 Liquid Peroxide
With Aloe Vera Plus Conditioners

4 OZ (119 ML)

WARNING: This product scientifically controlled to avoid gas accumulation inside this bottle. However for better protection, please point bottle away from the face when removing cap. Keep away from eyes. If contact occurs, rinse immediately within plenty of water. If irritation persists, see a physician.

Please keep away from reach of children.
Store in cool place away from heat.

This product is for professional use only.

Directions: Mix the recommended amount with your favorite hair coloring products required volume peroxide.

Super Star brand is discontinued, so, we are phasing it out. The new one is Color Capture. If you select a Super Star brand, and we are out, we will send you the Color Capture.