PCJ ORIGINAL Creme Relaxer Kit for Children

PCJ ORIGINAL Creme Relaxer Kit  for Children
PCJ ORIGINAL Creme Relaxer Kit for Children
"The relaxer mothers have grown to trust"

PCJ Relaxer systems are the leading relaxers for children. PCJ Original Creme Relaxer is a mild no-mix relaxer for children with delicate hair. PCJ Original has an oil enriched formula that helps prevent dryness. PCJ Original is so mild it can be used on color treated hair. PCJ Original is so mild it can be used on color teated hair. PCJ relaxer systems are the ONLY relaxers with NutientSheen, NutrientSheen penetrates the hair shaft to even porosity, stabilizes and pH level, and replace moisture-binding protein. Mom, with PCJ Original relaxer, you can be comfortable that your daughter's hair will be healthy and properly relaxed.

APPLICATION: VIRGIN/UNRELAXED HAIR: Keep ready, plastic gloves and wide tooth comb. part hair in four sections, down the center of the ehad and from ear to ear. Apply relaxer to hair cloest to scalp with back of comb, starting from crown of head, working relaxer gently through to the ends of hair. Use this procedure as quickly and smoothly as possible until hair is completely covered and appears to be as straight as desired. Average relaxing time should be between 10 to 20 minutes.

RINSE: After relaxing, rinse hair thoroughly with warm water. Be sure all creme has been removed from hair and scalp, keeping hair in a straight postion. When you are sure hair is thoroughly rinsed, proceed to #3.

NUTRIENTSHEEN: Apply a generous amount of NutrientSheen to scalp area and comb through to ends for even distribution. Let NutrientSheen sit for 10 minutes. DO NOT RINSE.

NEUTRALIZING CONDITIONING SHAMPOO: Apply genreous amount of Color Alarm neutralizing Conditioning Shampoo directly over the NutrientSheen. Shampoo to remove all residue remaining on the hair and scalp. The color Alarm Conditioning shampoo will indicate where the rlaxer is not completely rinsed out of the hair, by producing a pink lather. Shampoo at least twice! Pay special sttention to areas around the ears, forehead, and nape of neck. when all realxer is removed the lather will be white.

Rinse well to remove all the lather. Repeat shampoo process.

FOR NEW GROWTH/RETOUCH: If your hair has been previously relaxed, apply relaxer to the New Growth Only, Starting in teh back sections, separate hair into (1/4inch) partings. Apply the relaxer with back of a wide tooth comb. use a generous amount of relaxer for better straightening. Spread creme relaxer over entire new growth, section by section. DO NOT rub relaxer into scalp. If creme realxer gets on skin, thoroughly wipe off with damp cloth.

CONDITION: Apply PCJ EZ comb conditioner over entire head (from sclap to ends). Comb through hair to insure conditioner is evenly distributed. let sit for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

DO A STRAND TEST FIRST: Take a strand test everyting you relax your hair. Follow the steps below:
1. Check scalp carefully, if cuts or abrasions are present, DO NOT use creme realxer until condition clears.
2. A strand test should be made before applying the creme relaxer to the whole head of hair.
3. Separeate several strands of hair near the nape of the neck and apply a small amount of creme relaxer. Apply creme relaxer from root to end of hair. leave creme relaxer on according to time prescirbed. Rinse only the strands that have been tested thoroughly with warm water. Apply a small amount of conditioning neutralizing shampoo only to the strands that have been relaxed. Shampoo and rinse completely