Parnevu T-Tree No-Lye Conditioning Relaxer Kit

Parnevu T-Tree No-Lye Conditioning Relaxer Kit
Parnevu T-Tree No-Lye Conditioning Relaxer Kit

  • Vitamin & Protein Enriched Formula Helops Eliminate Dry Flaking.
  • Relieves Itching Straightens Better
  • Leaves Scalp and Hair Moist

    Parnevu T-Tree No-Lye Conditioning Relaxe kit; Experience the benefits of combining T-Tree conditioning research with the lastest in relaxer system technology. The PARNEVU system straightens hair and keeps it straight longer by conditioning throughout the entire relaxer process. Greater penetration of conditioning agents during each step of the application helps restore and rebuild your hair leaving it straighter, softer, shinier and full of body.

    Parnevu T-Tree No-Lye Conditioning Relaxer Kit, Each ingredient in the kit is scientifically formulated to work as a system, delivering superior straightening, excellent shine and hair full of body.

    A. PARNEVU T-TREE PROTECTIVE GEL: PARNEVU prtective Gel provides protection to the sensitive areas of teh scalp.

    B. PARNEVU T-TREE NO-LYE CONDITIONING RELAXER CREME BASE: It's rich creamy base that straightens hair quickly with lasting results. Added conditioners minimize over-processing , leaving hair in the best possible condition.

    C. PARNEVU T-TREE LIQUID ACTIVATOR: This liquid activator must be mixed with relaxer creme base to create a creamy emulsion that straightens hair. Activator Bottle is sealed with child resistant cap which prevents leakage and reduces the risk of ingestion.

    D. PARNECU T-TREE NEUTRALIZING & CONDITIONING SHAMPOO COLOR INDICATOR: This advanced formulation cleanses deeply, neutralizing and removing dulling build up from your hair. Shampoo turns from pink to white signaling the hair has been rinsed thoroughly.

    E. PARNEVU T-TREE MOISTURE PLUS CONDITIONER: A rich blend of strengthening T-TREE conditoiners and moisturizing agents that helops retain moisture, prevent split ends, improve manageability and protect hair from heat damage.

    F. PARNEVU T-TREE SCALP OIL: Uniquely formulated to stimulate, heal and repair hair and scalp, rducing itching, flaking and dryness while promoting healthy growth.

  • PROTECTIVE GEL: Apply protective gel around entire forehead, neck and ears.

  • APPLICATION: Carefully detangle hair with a non-metal large tooth comb. part hair into four sections: from ear to ear and down the center. MIX PARNEVU Liquid Activator with PARNEVU No-Lye Conditioning Creme Relaxer Base and stir with wooden spatula provided until mixture becomes creamy and smooth.

    1. FULL HEAD APPLICATION OR VIRGIN HAIR: Put on protective gloves and set timer. Beginning at back of head, part hair into one fourth inch sections. Apply a generous amount of relaxer creme mixture with wide tooth comb, cabout one-half inch away from