Oster Speed Line Clipper with Adjustable Blade #76023-540

Oster Speed Line Clipper with Adjustable Blade #76023-540
Oster Speed Line Clipper with Adjustable Blade #76023-540
Salon Textured System

Meet all of your clipper cutting needs iwht the speed line. Its specially designed lower hlade lets hair flow easily into the cutting action. Quickly change the cutting length with the convenient adjustable blade feature. The oster Whisper Quiet pivot motor provides the power to cut even wet hair.

  • Oster Whisper Quiet clipper with adjustable blade from size 000 to size 1.
  • Four guide comb attachments
  • Blade guard
  • Lubricating oil
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Instructions

    OPERATE ON VOLTAGE SPECIFIED ON CLIPPER: Not all clippers have an adjustable blade. If you have a deluxe adjustable clipper, the following instuctions apply to your clipper. The Adjustable clippers have a blade that enables you to cut hair at carious lengths.

    PIVOT MOTOR CLIPPER: To adjust, move thumb blade adjustment lever down for coarse cutting and up for fine cutting.

    1. Remove the plastic blade guard covering the teeth of the cutters.
    2. Disperse a few drops of clipper oil (included in the pack-up) across the baldes. Wipe off excess oil with a clean, dry cloth.
    3. Plug the clipper into electrical outlet. Operate on voltage specified on clipper.
    4. Push the ON-OFF switch to turn the clipper to the "ON" Position.
    5. When finished clipping hair, turn the clipper off and unplug from the electrical outlet.
    6. Clean the hair clippings from teh baldes using the clipper brush or an old toothbrush. Wipe the housing with a clean, dry cloth.
    7. Before replacing the blade guard for clipper storage, spread one or two drops of oil over the blades to rpevent the blades from rusting.

    SHARPENING THE BLADES: After extended use, the top and bottom blades will need to be sharpened to regain their factory-ground cutting edge. The blades may be sharpened many times. Since proper sharpening demands special skill and equipment, a blade sharpening service is available from your nearest oster dealer or nearest authorized service station. The charge for sharpening does not include replacement of broken blades and worn or damaged parts. Labor charge for general overheaul and repair is slightly higher. Blade sharpening is not covered under warrantly.

    LUBRICATING THE BLADES: A light film of oil should be maintained on the surface of the cutting blades. Oiling the blades frequently while in use will help keep the blades cleaner. Clean blades cut better. to clean blades, dip the teeth into Oster Blade wash with teh clipper running. Do NOT Immerse the clipper. Remoce from the mixture and, while holding the clipper with the blade end down, wipe the blades dry with a clean, dry cloth. Re-oil blades.

    STORAGE: Replace the balde guard. Coil the electric cord and secure with a paper (not metal) twist fastener. Store clipper in its original carton in a dry location.

    MAINTENANCE: The motor of your clipper has been permanently lubricated at the factory. Other than the recommended cleaning, Oiling of the blades, and blade replacement, all maintenance must be performed by an authorized facility. Return your clipper with proof of purchase toyour nearest authorized service station for any servicing or repair.


    Adjustable Clippes: After continued use the top and bottom blades may wear out. Replacement blades are available through your nearest authoirized service station. To remove the blades, unplug clipper from t