Oster DEEP VIBES Adjustable Magnetic Drive Clipper # 76080-010

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Oster DEEP VIBES Adjustable Magnetic Drive Clipper # 76080-010
Oster DEEP VIBES Adjustable Magnetic Drive Clipper # 76080-010

Adjustable Professional Vibrating Clipper:
  • 000 to 1 Adjustable steel blade cuts through wet or dry hair
  • Adjusting lever easily helps blade move from shortest to longest setting
  • Powerful Magnetic motor generates 3600 cutting strokes per minute.
  • Streamlined Balanced Design for all day cutting
  • Textured housing provides easy grip
  • 9 ft power cord.
  • Accessories: Left and right taper, comb #1 and #2, 7" shear, barber comb, oil cleaning brush

    1. Remove the plastic blade guard covering the teeth of the blades.
    2. Disperse a few drops of clipper oil across the blade. Wipe off excess oil with a clean, dry dloth.
    NOTE: Oil the blade frequently during use to help the blades stay sharp longer.
    3. Plug the clipper into electrical outlet.
    4. Push the on-ogg switch to turn the clipper to "ON" postion.
    5. When finished clipping, turn the clipper off the unplug from the electrical outlet.
    6. Clean hair clippings from the blades using clipper or brush of an old toothbrush. Wipe the housing with a clean, dry cloth.
    7. Before repalcing the blade guard for clipping storage, spread one or two drops of oil over thebalde to prevent the blade from rusting.

    STORAGE: Replace the blade guard. Coil the electric cord and secure with paper (Not metal) twist fastener. Store clipper in its original carton in a dry location.

    SHARPENING THE BLADES: Like fine cutlery, the blades of this clipper could get dull with extended use. Sharpening demands special skill and equipment for genuine factor sharpening, send clipper to the authorized service station nearest you.

    BLADE MAINTENANCE: To maintain longer lcipper blade life, oster recomends periodic cleaning and oiling, using Oster Blade Wash cleaning solution and 5 wight oil blade lube lubricant. Oster also recommends the use of Oster Kool Lube lubricant during extended usage.

    BLADE CLEANING: Position the blade in a flat dish filled with just enough blade wash to cover only the blade. Turn on clipper and listen for change in the hum of the motor. As the build-up is removed, the clean blade runs faster and higher pitch. When the pitch stablizes (30 to 60 seconds), turn off lcipper and unplug. use a lint-free cloth to wipe blade as dry as possible. Oil blades.

    BLADE OILING: Carefully slide upper blade left or right far enough to place ONE drop of oil on each running reail of the lower blade. Excess oiling will cause hair to stick between teeth, slowing or jamming blades. Turn on clipper and spray Oster Kool Lube lubricant through blade teeth while clipper is running.


    TO REMOVE: Turn clipper upside down. Unscrew clipping head screws and remove blade.

    ADJUSTABLE BLADE UNITS: Place new top (small) blade into position on clipper head. Position new bottom blade to align screw holes in blade adjustment lever plate. Replace screws so they are snug but not tight.
    1. Turn unit right side up. Adjust blade so top blade is 1/32 back from and parallel to front edge of bottom balde (place side of dime on top of bottom blade and in front of top blade for accurate measurement). Be certain blades are straight and centered on each side
    2. Turn unit upside down. Tighten screws firmly.


    TO ADJUST: Move