Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Creme Relaxer No Base - 4lb Tub

Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Creme Relaxer No Base - 4lb Tub
Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Creme Relaxer No Base

Directions: Before Relaxing: review warning and directions carefully. Do Not shampoo. evaluate condition of client's hair and scalp. avoid vigorous brushing or combing. select correct relaxer strength. conduct a strand test on a small section of hair using relaxer directions. if adverse itegrity of the hair is noticed, rinse immediately and do not use relaxer. only if strand test is successful, do you proceed. use relaxer timing chart and strand test as a guide.

Relaxer Application

Step 1: apply a protective base on scalp, perimeter of hair line and ears. avoid hair.
Step 2: set timer accordingly. (see timing chart).
Step 3: wearing protective gloves, apply a generous amount of relaxer to the moist resistant area first using the back of a rattail comb or an applicator for previously relaxer hair. do not apply to scalp. parting in thin sections, continue application throughout entire head. apply to hairline last. with fingers, back of a rattail comb, or applicator, until desired straightness is achieved. (Do not exceed recommended timing. see timing chart).
Step 4: rinse hair thoroughly with warm water for at least 5 minutes. apply a generous amount of Organic rot salon olive oil neutralizing shampoo and massage into a rich lather. repeat as needed and allow thelast lather to remain on the hair for 2-3 minutes before rinsing.
Step 5: towel dry and apply organic root slaon olive oil replenishing conditioner per product directions.

Ingredients: Aqua (water), petrolatum, parafinum liquidium (mineral oil), cetearyl alcohol, olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, PEG-75 lanolin.

  • Contains sodium hydroxide (lye)
  • Follow directions and warning carefully to acoid skin and scalp irritaions, ahir loss, hair breakage, and ear or eye injurys.
  • Do not apply to hair that has been shampooed 2-3 days prior to relaxing. wait 6-8 weeks between relaxer applications. always wear gloves.
  • Do not use on curly permed hair (ammonium thioglycolate) or hair that has been belached/frosted or color lifted with lifting booster, stripped or streated with compound henna or metallic dyes.
  • Do not use extra strength on hair that has been treated wtih permanent or demi-permanent color
  • Do not use on hair that is breaking, splitting or otherwise damaged.
  • Do not apply to scalp or surrounding skin areas.
  • Do not use if scalp is irritated, has been scratched or injured in any way.
  • If hair has been previously relaxed, only apply to new growth areas.
  • If the relaxer causes skin or scalp irritation, rinse out immediately and shampoo with organic root slaon olive oil neutralizing shampoo.
  • If relaxer comes in contact wtih skin, remove immediately with a damp towel saturated with organic root salon olive oil neutralizing shampoo and rinse.
  • If irritation persists, or if hair loss occurs contact a physician
  • If ingested or internal contact occurs, contact a physician immediately as serious injury may result
  • Do not induce vomiting
  • If relaxer gets into eyes, flush immediately with cool water for a minimum of 15 minutes and contact a physician
  • For external use only


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    UPC: 632169111305