Nutra Nail Power Growth - .45oz

Nutra Nail Power Growth - .45oz
For short, and brittle nails
Growth formula to fortify and grow nails in 5 days
  • Water-based growth formula plus minerals
  • Hydrates and restores essential nutrients
  • For longer, resillent nails.
  • Contains: calcium, potassium, sea salt

    Problem: short, brittle, dehydrated nails that just will not grow long
    Solution: treat your nails with new Nutra Mineral Collection Power Growth
    Results: longer, beautiful resillent nails in just 5 days

    What is does:
    Nutra Nail has added Calcium, Potassium and Sea Salt. essentials from nature, to this unique growth formula that goes on clear and instantly infuses short, dehydrated nails with all they need to help them grow long and beautiful. Plus this water-based formula hydrates nails to the optimal condition for growth. Short, brittle nails are fortified and longer in just 5 days! Get the long, beautiful nails you have dreamed of with Nutra Nail Mineral Collection Power Growth.

  • Apply over entire bare nail, cuticle and under nail tip
  • Massage into nails and cuticles for 5 seconds
  • For best results, use twice daily
  • Use with or without nail color

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