Nutra Nail Iron Strength - .5oz

Nutra Nail Iron Strength - .5oz
For weak and breaking nails.
Strengthening formula reinforces and protects nails instantly.
  • Polymer strengthening formula plus minerals
  • Bonds to nails to defend against breaking and peeling.
  • Contains: Iron, Zinc, Selenium

    Problem: weak, fragile nails that are prone to breaking and peeling.
    Solution: treat your nails with new Nutra Nail Mineral Collection Iron Strength
    Results: Strong, beautigul, durable nails that are more reistant to breaking and peeling

    What it does: Nutra Nail has added Iron, Zinc, and Selenium, essentials from nature, to this unique strengthening formula that brushes on clear and bonds with nails, instantly creating an iron-tough, long lasting durable shield to protect them from breaking and peeling. Get flawless, beautiful nails that are strong enough to resist everyday damage with Nutra Nail Mineral Collection Iron Strength.

  • Apply to clean, dry nails from base to tip and over edge
  • Let dry and repeat
  • Use with or without nail color
  • For extra protection, apply twice weekly

    UPC: 018515128447