Nutra Nail Cuticle Therapy - .5oz

Nutra Nail Cuticle Therapy - .5oz
Massage Formula fortifies and smoothes cuticles in a instant.
For rough and dry cuticles.
  • Ultra- rich massage formula plus minerals
  • Intenselt moisturizes and conditions
  • For visibly healthy cuticles
  • Contains: Marine extracts, calcium, potassium

    Problem: dry, tough cuticles, painful hangnails and dry, cracked fingertips
    Solution: Mineralize your nails with new Nutra Nail Mineral Nail Care Therapy Cream
    Results: Smoother, softer cuticles and fingertips. Brighter

    What is does: Nutra Nail has added marine Minerals, potassium and calcium, essentials from nature, to this uniquely rich cuticle formula. It intensely moisturizes and conditions dry, tough, torn cuticles, cracked fingertips and dry brittle nails, while soothing painful hangnails. Massage cream into nails and cuticles every night- you will see and feel an improvement instantly as cuticles and fingertips are moisturized, softened and smoothed. Nails become visibly brighter. Treat yourself to Nutra Nail Mineral Nail Care Therapy Cream.
    UPC: 018515128485