Nutra Nail Base and Top Coat - .5oz

Nutra Nail Base and Top Coat - .5oz
Strongm shiny and longlasting manicure.
  • Smoothes mail surface and helps color polish
  • Helps prevent chipping
  • Seals manicure with a strong brilliant shine.
  • Contains: quarts, zinc, silica
  • Strengthening formula

    Problem: lackluster manicures that do not last because they chip, fade and peel
    Solution: Nutra Nail Minernal Collection Base and Top Coat plus Zinc, Quartz and Silica
    Results: Stronger, longer-lasting manicures that are sealed with a brilliant, chip-resistant shine

    What it does: As a Base Coat, it strengthens and smoothes the nail surface while improving color polish adherence. As a Top Coat, it prevents manicures from chipping, peeling and fading while providing a brilliant shine. Butra Nail Mineral Collection Base and Top Coat is the all-in-one solution to stronger, smoother, longer-lasting manicures.

  • Apply to clean dr nails as a Base coar and let dry
  • Brush on 1-2 coats of your favorite color ppolish, allowing each coat to drybefore applying the next
  • Finish with a final coat as a Top Coat
  • Apply a fresh coat for extra shine and protection between manicures.