Motions HAIR RELAXER - 15oz jar

Motions HAIR RELAXER - 15oz jar
Motions HAIR RELAXER - 15oz jar
Contains Natural Humectants

Read instructions thoroughly. This is a professional product intended for licensed cosmetolgists.

Select the formula for your Hair Type:
  • Regular - for Normal, medium-textured, non-resistant hair (not bleached or tinted)
  • Mild - for color treated or fine hair
  • Super - for resistant, coarse, non-porous hair

    Motions No-Base Relaxer

  • Contains a "ationiz" or positively -charged conditioner, that chemically binds to the negatively-charged parts of the hair. Unlike many other relaxers that contain only surface lubricants that wash away, the conditioner is substantive, remaining in the hair to protect it from damage during the relaxer process.
  • Precisely balanced emulsion of conditioners and active ingredients means a smoother , even formula, less likelihood of separation, and dependable consistent results from first use to last.
  • Contains humectants to replace moisture lost during the relaxer process, to help eliminate dryness.

    PRELIMINARY STRAND TEST: Apply a small amount of realxer to several strands of hair from roots to ends. Smooth with finger unti lsesired resutls. Leave relaxer on for recommended time. Rinse, shampoo and towel dry the realxed section only. Observe realxatoin of hair for any damage to hair. If test shows hair breakage other signs of damge, do not use product until hair has been reconditioned and retested.

    STEP 1: Application & Relaxation - Apply protective creme to nape and skin area. Part hair into four sections. wearing protective gloves, start application at the nape area by applying relaxer creme close to the scalp but not onto the scalp. COntinue in thin sections, moving in the dirtion of the forehead. Upon reaching the forehead, repeat the prcedure on the other half of the head, applying the relaxer to the hair line last. After application is complete, begin smoothing in the nape area where the relaxer was first applied. Repeat the prcedure until the hair is relaxed. (Warning: If patron has ay dicomfort or stinging sensations during the allocated time, rinse off the realxer immediately.)
    STEP 2: Rinse when desired relaxation has been obtained, rinse hair thoroughly with a strong force of warm water until the hair is free of all traces of the realxer.
    STEP 3: Condition apply motions moisture plus conditioner for tem minutes andrinse.
    STEP 4: Neutralize Keep hair in straight form. Do not manipulate the hair during shampooing. Use Motion classic neutralizing shampoo. Shampoo twice, rinsing well after each. Blot the excess water from the hair.

    Warning: Contains alkali agent. Avoid contact with eyes. Can cause blindness. Keep out of reach of children. Can cause hair breakage and/or loss.
    Warning DON'Ts: Do not use if scalp if irritated or injured. Do not use on bleached hair. Do not use on permanently colored hair, wheich is brekaing, splitting or otherwise damaged. For hair that has een permanently colored and show no sign of damage, use only mild strength formula. Do not apply realxer creme to skin. Do not exceed maximum time limits as shown below. Do not pre-shampoo, wet, or brush hair before realxing. Do not use heat in any step of the process except for final drying.
    Warning DO's: Apply pre-creme or lubricant to hairline, nape and skin area. Always wear gloves. Do preliminary strand test. Aleays follow timing guide. If the relaxer causes skin or scalp irritation, rinse out i
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