Miss Clairol Professional Conditioning Color - 2oz bottle - SIX PACK

Miss Clairol Professional Conditioning Color - 2oz  bottle - SIX PACK
Clairol Hair Color Improved Conditioning

This permanent color comes in 62 shades. Precise, predictable results cover the full spectrum of levels and tonalities.

  • Mix 2 oz of Miss Clairol with 2 oz of Clairol Professional developer
  • Mix 2 oz of Miss Clairol Extra Blondes (HL-B, HL-V, HL-N, HL-G) with 4 oz of 40 volume Clairol Professional developer. (40 volume developer is not recommended for relaxed hair)
  • For bowl and brush application, mix with Clairol Professional Pure White developer.

  • 30 minutes for pigmented hair
  • 30 minutes for Miss Clairol GrayBusters
  • 45 minutes for gray coverage and Miss Clairol Extra Blondes
  • Less timing may be needed on relaxed or permed hair. Wait one week and one shampoo between services.

    Important: This product must not be used on eyebrows or eyelashes because of the risk of severe eye irritation. If any of the coloring mixture should get into an eye, flush with a large amount of water and call a physician.

    Generally use: To match or deepen color: Use 10 volume
    To cover gray hair: Use 20 volume
    To lighten natural haircolor : Use 30 or 40 volume
  • Miss Clairol covers gray completely. It can lighten dark hair and deposit color. Customers with chemically relzed hair can use Miss Clairol. Care should be taken when using the High Lift Blondes. With all professional products a test strand (the color is tried on a small piece of hair first to determine results) is recommended.
  • Miss Clairol should not be mixed with Lightening Boosters, activators, bleaches, or any other substance other than the recommended developers. Heat is not necessary. For Professional Use Only

    6 PACK is qty of six 2 fl oz bottles.
    UPC: 307-0011