Lord & Cliff Link & Lock- 100% Human Remy Hair - Fusion 20inch

Lord & Cliff Link & Lock- 100% Human Remy Hair - Fusion 20inch
Innovative Hair Extensions

Fast & Easy Way to apply Link & Lock Hair Extensions

Innovative Hair Extensions
Link & Lock - 100% Human Hair (Remi quality)
50 piece per package

Link & Lock VS Other Fusion Brands

1. Use the Lord & Cliff Wired looped Brush rather than a regular comb or brush and avoid pulling out your new extensions.
2. Regular shampoo and conditioner can be used to wash your hair with Link and Lock and you do NOT need anything specially formulated.

3. Using tools to style your hair
Hair Dryer - use cool or warm settings only. Avoid extreme heat on curly textures such as Body Pony Wave, Loose Deep Wave, and Fusion 3000 textures.
Flat Iron - Use them and other heated styling equipment under the bonded sheel area of your extension.
Other styling products can be used to style fusion hair. Use extreme caution with styling products and avoid heats that reach 400 degress or more because it can damage your extensions and natural hair.

4. Chemical relaxers and coloring can be used as long as it is done below the bonded shell area.