Liquid Gold Bond Dissolver - 8oz bottle

Liquid Gold Bond Dissolver - 8oz bottle
Quick & Easy Bond Dissolver
Works with all brands of bonding products also for removing extentions

The only Bond remover that dissolves the bond for fast, Easy & Safe Removal

Liquid Gold Bond Dissolver works much faster & easier because unlike all the otheres. It dissolves the bonding material instead of just making it wet with an oil base product. Other bond removers will loosen the weave but leave most of bonding material clingin to the hair in a partly sticky form. This causes hair breakage when you attempt to remove it by repeated combing. Since the LIQUID GOLD bonds so much stronger than all the others only Liquid Gold Dissolver will safely remove LIQUID GOLD BONDING ADHESIVE

Caution: Keep away from open cuts or abrasions on the scalp. Avoid getting in eyes, if so rinse with cold water. Keep away from open flames and out of the reach of children