Liquid Gold Bond A Weave - 1oz tube

Liquid Gold Bond A Weave - 1oz tube
Dries colorless 5 times stronger than any other hair bonder! Excellent for braids, extentions on Weft & No Weft invisible bonding! Water & Oil Resistant

Directions: Shampoo twice with a cleansing shampoo. Rinse, then blow dry while combing. DO NOT apply conditioner. Part hair where you want bonding. Apply bond to weft of weaving hair. Apply bond to natural hair along parting next to scalp (NOT ON SCALP). Press bonded weft to bonded natural hair with fingers. (Optional) Lay warm curling iron on weft with slight pressure for a tighter and longer lasting bond. Apply leave in conditioner and style. LIQUID GOLD will bond even when dry on both wefted and natural hair.

Warning: Liquid Gold is not a rubber based bond as are all of the other similar type products. ONLY LIQUID GOLD BOND DISSOLVER will remove LIQUID GOLD BOND safely & quickly without hair breakage or scalp discomfort. Bond Dissolver will also remove other brands of bonding glues faster & more safely because it DISSOLVES the bond, not just by making it wet with oils.

Size: 1oz Bottle
UPC: 895780001015