JUST 5 HAIR COLOR KIT - SINGLE BOX Color = Natural Rich Black

JUST 5 HAIR COLOR KIT - SINGLE BOX  Color = Natural Rich Black

JUST 5 HAIR COLOR KIT - SINGLE BOX  Color = Natural Rich Black

Color Gray Hair Right After You Relax in 5 Minutes.

Quick means gentle with Just 5. Just 5 doesn't expose your hair to chemical for 30 minutes. It works in 5 gentle minutes. Now you can color right after your relax!
New Replenishing Conditioner. It protects your hair with replenishing conditioners as your color. Then fortifies wit rich after-conditioners, for brighter shine.
Superior Gray Coverage. Your natural hair color is actually a blend of may close shades. That's why just 5 blends shadesof your own color into gray so invisibly, even your cant tell which hair used to be gray.
Last till the gray grows back. Just 5 wont wash out, wont fade out...no matter how often you shampoo. It lasts up to 6 weeks.
Resutls you can count on-guaranteed. 40 years of haircolor leadership means predictabloe results-guaranteed.


Shake "conditioning Color base" bottle thoroughly.
Shake "applicator" bottle thoroughly to mix.
Snip "applicator" tip slightly below solid plastic tip, pointing tip away from face.

Mix mixture immediately to assure effectiveness. Don't delay. put on plastic gloves before applying.

For first-time colorers with less than 50% gray: Squeeze mixture into gloved hand or apply directly to hair in 2 minutes or less. lather in. Do not add water. then wait only 4 minutes-not longer.
For first0time colorers with more than 50% gray: Apply to gray roots first, parting hair every 1/2", then to rest of hair. Take only 2 minutes or less. Lather in. Do not add water. then wait 5 minutes-not longer.
For current colorers with gray roots growing in: Part hair every 1/2" and squeeze mixture only on the gray roots, taking no more than 2 minutes. Do not lather in. Do not add water. Wait only 4 minutes. Then, during the next minute (the 5th minute) work the color thorugh ends of hair with your gloves hands.

Waiting Time Adjustments:
For the lightest shade of this color, wait only 3 mintues.
FOr the darkest shades of this color, or if hair resists color, wait 8 minutes.

Add a little warm water and work into lather. Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. Then use a mild shampoo. Next, apply custom condition for an extra boost of shine and body. Follow directions on packette.

Remove gloves. Towel or blow dry. Styles as usual.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Avoid spilling haircolor on clothing and porous surfaces; permanent staining could occur. Protect clothing and surfaces with old towels or shirt. Wash spills immediately with soap and water. For resistant skin stains, use cold cream or peroxide.

Before you begin, Here are some things that need to be done:
Read the entire directions carefully.
Assemble everything you need before application
Do the allergy patch test 48 hours before every use.
Do the "color preview" strand test to preview the results.