JAGUAR White Line CHARM 38 Shears 5.5" 1

JAGUAR White Line CHARM 38 Shears 5.5" 1
  • 38 thinning teeth with fine V-teeth serration for a pleasantly smooth feeling and a precise cut.
  • Cutting edge with flat cutting edge angle and microserration on one blade.
  • Classic design for a traditional feeling during cutting.

Cutting Life:

Long-lasting sharpness due to the use of forged high-quality steel and the ice-tempering process at -80 °C for solid hardness.

Cutting Action: 

Precision blade form thanks to bending process and VARIO screw for easy, excellent cutting action. All you need to adjust the VARIO screw is a coin.


Classic blades with a flat cutting edge angle for very good sharpness. Well suited to slice cutting thanks to hollow grinding and honing.