Isoplus Coconut Leave-In Conditioner - 13.5oz

Isoplus Coconut Leave-In Conditioner - 13.5oz

>Isoplus Strengthening Leave-In Conditioner With Coconut Oil Plus Shea Butter


<li> Moisture Retention, Hydration and Elasticity

Sweet thereapeutic Hydration; Abundantly Rich Moisture - Builds Greater Elasticity 


1. Moisture Retention, Hydration and Elasticity. Great for natural and relaxes styles 

2. Coconut Oil Helps Strengthen and Hydrates. Shea butte Deeply Moisturizes. 


Directions: From root to tip, apply the Isoplus Strengthening leave In Conditioner, gently and evenly comb through to the ends. No need to rinse out. Style as desired.