IBD Spectacular Sights Glitter - 0.125oz jar

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IBD Spectacular Sights Glitter - 0.125oz jar
ibd Spectacular Sights Nail Glitter

Believe in the power of spectacular nails that showcase style, flair and a passion for pizzazz! Just as the make-over has gained popluarity, hands and nails are the next in line demanding attention. Trimming, filling and coloring nails is passe. It's time to move forward and into the future of style where innovation meets glamour for nails that speak volumes!

Spectacular Sights glamorizes nails with a boost of color and excitement. Glitter Colours with various motifs and design delight while the razzle dazzle of high shine and shimmer showcase one's inner diva!

Whether your're a salon or beauty supply, the IBD Spectacular Sights is a great addition to your gel selection. Now the nail technician is able to accessorieze any fashion trend no matter what the season!

Feature & Benefits:
  • Blends with Gel
  • Clear Acrylic
  • Choose one of 12 Faux Colors

    Sparkling colors from nature's wonders.

    Blends with gel or clear acrylic.