IBD Soak Off Clear GEL - 0.25oz jar

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IBD Soak Off Clear GEL - 0.25oz jar
IBD Soak Off Clear Gel

ibd flexible clear gel

UV gel for natural nail overlays and pedicures
strong, flexible. mirror glass finish. no curning or yellowing.

TO use: squeeze desired amount into application jar. buff nail. clean and dehydrate nail with nail prep. apply a very thinh layer of bonder. apply clear gel then cure for 30 seconds. apply additional coats if desired. after curing final coat, wipe with cleanser plus. for best results, use an ibd UV lamp.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children:
avoid skin contact. Do not apply on sore, inflamed or infected nails. prolonged skin contact may cause skin irritation. if itching, redness, or swelling occurs, discontinue use immediately and contact a physician. For external use only. Product is light sensitve. keep capped when not in use. Do not store in sunlight.

Ingreditents: acrylated oligomer, methacrylate, ester monomers, photoinitiator.

Cure for 3 Minutes
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