IBD Jet Lamp UV Replacement Bulbs - 2 ea. 8 watt Bulbs

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IBD Jet Lamp UV Replacement Bulbs - 2 ea. 8 watt Bulbs

UV Replacement Bulbs Ensure your Jet Lamp is working at its fullest potential. 

Unlike regular bulbs, UV bulbs do not suddenly burn out. UV Bulbs gradually weaken in intensity and lose their power to cure. To maintain the most efficient cure, we recommend that you replace bulbs after 3000 hours of use or every 6-12 months.



Before replacing any bulb or reflector be sure to turn your lamp off, unplug unit and lift hinged top to the open position.

1. Grasp the front UV bulb between fingers and rotate bulb 90 degrees. or until prongs loosen.

2. Lower one end of the UV bulb and remove it from the unit

3. Repeat procedure using the back UV bulb.

4. Insert new UV bulb by aligning the prongs vertically to the notches in one of the side UV bulbs sockets. Firmly insert into the socket.

5. Push the UV bulb prongs up into the other rear socket. 

6. Rotate the UV bulb 90 degrees, until it clicks into place.

7. Repeat the procedure with the front UV bulb.


Reflector Replacement:

a key element to cuing thoroughly and drying efficiently is the advanced parabolic system. To maintain superior results and to sanitize for clean environment, change your bottom and side refectors at the same time your bulbs are replaced and anytime you discover moderate amounts of product residue on the reflectors.