IBD Jet 5000 - deluxe two handed UV Lamp featuring heat & fan

IBD Jet 5000 - deluxe two handed UV Lamp featuring heat & fan
The deluxe two-handed lamp combines UV light, heat and fan for the most intensive drying power. Dries any air, heat or UV topcoats. Advanced Reflector System generates more UV output than lamps with higher wattage and cures evenly around the entire nail. Features include a built-in timer and hinged top with adjustable height for manicures and pedicures. UL and CE approved.

Contains 1 Jet 5000 Lamp, 2 8watt UV bulbs, 1 heat source fan, advanced reflector system, warranty / registration card, instructions, DVD

Advanced UV Technology
Evn Heat Distribution
Ergonomic Design
7 Easy to Use Controls
Cures UV Products Quickly & Evenly
Adjustable Lamp Height for Pedicures
Dries Plosh Fast

Uv, Heat & Fan ( Spa sensation and dries nails faster)
Advanced Reflector system (Generates more UV output than lamp with higher wattage and cures evenl around the entire nail)
Hinged Top(Easy to clean and replace bulbs or reflector)
Adjustable height(Perfect for pedicures as well as manicures)
Ergonomic Design (Top of lamp can be used as an armrest)
UL and CE Approved
Safe for your salon

UPC: 039013611033