IBD Intense Seal 100% UV Dry - .5oz #60515

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IBD Intense Seal 100% UV Dry - .5oz #60515
The newest technology in UV Sealants. Non-cleansing, mirror glass finish. Eliminates buffing and saves maintenance time. Can be used on gels, acrylics and wraps. Cures in 2-3 minutes.

  • Eliminates Buffing
  • NonCleansing
  • Mirror-Glass Finish

    IBD Intense Seal
    100% UV Dry

    Net Wt. .5 fl oz. / 14ml

    Eliminates all buffing and reduces maintenance time
    Delivers a mirror-glass finish that never fades or dulls
    Leaves nails smooth and shiny

    This 3 way buffer in a bottle seals and creates a smooth, permanently shiny surface to protect any artificial nail. Intense Seal prevents lifting by sealing the cuticle area and protects nail against solvent attack and polish stains. Non-yellowing. Flawless mirror-glass finish.
    Use over any gel, acrylic or wrap to seal and protect.

    To Use: File and remove dust. Do not buff nails smooth. Apply a thin layer of Intense Seal making sure to cap free edge. Cure for 2 – 3 minutes.