IBD 5 Second Intense Seal with UV light kit

IBD 5 Second Intense Seal with UV light kit

Introduces the latest technology in gel perfection; Intense Seal: 100% UV Dry. The only no-cleanse sealer, on the market, that provides a protective seal while eliminating buffing and yielding a mirror glass finish. Used on gels, acrylics and wraps, maintaining artificial nails is no longer arduous. This buffer-in-a-bottle seals the cuticle and creates a smooth surface, while preventing solvent attack, as well as, polish stains. That means no more yellow Frenchs; the built in U.V. Blockers keep nails gorgeous and lily white.

Intense Seal allows you to save precious minutes with a one-step, preventative lifting seal. No cleansing, no buffing; just brush, cure, and go! IBD Introduces the Ultimate time saver for nail technicians.

UV light: Portable, light weight gel curing light

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