Hot Tools Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer 800 WATT IONIC - Model 1051

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Hot Tools Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer 800 WATT IONIC - Model 1051
Professional Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer
800 Watt IONIC dryer

Professional Features include:
  • 3 heat settings, including Cold Shot for setting style (settings are: Off, Cold, Low, High)
  • Compact carrying case, perfect for home or travel
  • Heavy-duty AC motor
  • Storage compartment for bonnet, hose and cord
  • Long, flexible hose
  • Handle recesses into case for additional storability
  • Large, roomy bonnet is comfortable and adjusts to fit all roller sizes
  • For Household use only. 120VAC 60hz 800watts
  • UL Listed

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS: This appliance may have a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). As a safety feature, this plug will fit into a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not attempt to force the plug into an improper outlet.
    For U.S. resident Only: In the event of an unusual circumstance such as immersion, the protective device will not allow the dryer to operate. Periodically check the safety plug to verify it is in proper working roder. Plug the appliance in an electrical outlet and press the test button. The dryer should stop immediately. To resume operation, press the reset button.

    IONIC TECHNOLOGY: Anti-static IONIC hair dryers dry your hair faster. Negative ions reduce the size of water froplets on your hair, allowing more water to be absorbed. This helops condition, soften, and make your hair shiner while adding volume.

  • Gently towel dry hair to remove excess water.
  • Set dryer on highest setting and speed and circulate the airflow through your hair. Do not concentrate airflow on any one area.
  • When hair is almost completely dry, lower heat and speed setting and begin to style hair as desired.
  • Use the airflow concentrator attachment for a more directed airflow. use the styling pik to channel airflow to help staighten hair. To attach, simply press concentrator or stlying pik into air outlet until it snaps into place. To remove, allow dryer and attachment to cool, then gently pull away from dryer.
  • Push the cool shot button to set the style with cool air once you've achieved the desired style.
  • When drying is complete, wait for the appliance to cool before storing. Do not wrap the cord around tehdryer. use the practival hanging ring. This keeps the cord from tangling and wearing prematurely.

  • LINT FILTERS DIFFER FROM DRYER TO DRYER. Some dryers have a filter inside the removable end cap as well as internal filter inside the air intake. Others have only an internal lint filter, inside the air intake grill.
  • CLEAN THE LINT FILTER DAILY. This will extend the life of your dryer and prevent it from overheating and shutting off.
  • Remove dust and lint from the internal lint filter using a brush, fingers or a vacuum cleaner.
  • Your dryer may also have a lint filter attached to the removable end cap. If it does, clean that filter in the same manner, removing dust and lint from both side and outside of the filter.
  • To repalce the end cap, align the end cap's tabs with the indentations inside the back grill of the hair dryer. Rotate the endcap clockwise until it locks into place.
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