Hot Tools 1 1/2inch Wet to Dry Flat Iron - Model 2289

Hot Tools 1 1/2inch Wet to Dry Flat Iron - Model 2289
Hot Tools 1 1/2inch Wet to Dry Flat Iron - Model 2289

  • Use on Damp Or Dry Hair
  • Steam Vents Allow Moisture to Escape, Sealing in the Style

    CeramicTi produces far-infrared heat to seal the hair cuticle and eliminate frizz. Hair is soft, radiant, and shiny.
    Ceramic + Titanium = CeramicTi

    Titanium provides even heat distribution and durability and is corrosion resistant to styling products.

    Professional Features:
    1. Lighted digital display window
    2. 30 precise digital heat settings
    3. Separate On/Off button
    4. Heat setting buttons (+)(-)
    5. 1 1/2" styling plates
    6. Channels send excess moisture to stream vents for evaporation
    7. 8ft. professional cord
  • One hour auto shut-off
  • One-year warranty

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS: This appliance may have a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). As a safety feature, this plug will fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not attempt to defeat this safety feature.

    START UP: LCD Screen: The liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen displays the straightener's heat settings. The screen will activate automatically when the unit is turned "On". Heat settings are displayed by a series of bars and numbers.
    Automatic Shut-Off: Your styling iron has an automatic shut-off feature. Should you forget to turn off the styling iron, it will automatically shut off after an hour.
    Plate Locking Switch: For easier storage, the plates of the straightener can be locked together. To engage the locking switch, first turn the appliance off and unplug it. Push the switch forward while pressing the handles together to lock the plates. To unlock the plate, push the switch back.
    Automatic Worldwise Dual Voltage: This appliance will automatically adjust to the proper voltage. In North america, connect the plug inot any outlet. Outside North America, use a plug adapter of the proper configuration with the plug before connecting into any outlet.

  • Special steam vents allow moisture from wet hair to evaporate during straightening.
  • Be sure to keep the airflow outlet clean and free from any obstructions at all times.
  • To begin styling, plug the straightenerinto an electrical outlet. Press and hold the "ON/OFF" button until the unit turns on and the LCD lights up.
  • The straightener will intially display heat setting "15". the bars on the LCD will flash while the unit heats up, then glow steadily when it has reached the selected temperature. The straightener will beep when is ready to use.
  • To straighten wet hair, set the straightener to 16 or more. A cloud synbol will appear in the LCD screen.
  • To increase the heat setting, press the (+) button. The LCD screen will display the temperature in setting 1 through 30.
  • To lower the heat setting, press the (-) button. For best resutls, follow guidelines.

    Caution: Flat irons will heat-control dials operate at high temperatures when used on high settings. When using for the first time, begin with the lowest setting. Please read all instructions carefully before using. For best resutls, follow these guidelines.

  • Separate a two-inch section of hair, gently place hair between the hot smoothing plates and clap down firmly on the handles. You will achieve professional results if you work from t
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