Hasami shears

Hasami shears warrants that he materials and workmanship are free from any defects Hasami shears will repair and replace any defective part of your Hasami shears for as long as you own them.

The sharpness is unconditionally guaranteed for one year from date of purchase.

Any Hasami Shears that become dull during the first year will be rehorned by master sharpening service. This warranty does not cover consequential damages resulting from accident, misuse or abuse.

For warranty service, mail your Hasami Shears, insured together with proof of original date of purchase and a processing fee (subject to change) of $15.00 ( to cover return postage, handling and insurance) To:

Zahid Fiaz
Master sharpening service
13921 Sycamore Way, Unit-A
chino, CA 91710

Proper Adjustment of Hasami Shears:

It is imperative that the shears are properly adjusted prior to using.

The adjustment is done with the pivot screw. If this screw is too loose, the shears will fold the hair rather than cut it. If the pivot screw is too tight, the shears will cut, but you will have to work you hand too hard to open and close the shears. Both cases will cause the shears to dull faster.

To properly adjust the screw do the following:
  • Hold the shears in a “cross” position as shown in figure 1.
  • Drop the left side and let it swing downwards freely.
  • A properly adjustment shear will not fall all the way down to the closed position.
  • If it does not close enough, as in Figure 2, the slightly loosen the screw and repeat step 2 until you achieve the proper closing as shown in Figure 3.
  • If it close all the way as figure 4, then slightly tighten the screw and repeat step 2 until you achieve the proper closing as shown in figure 3.

    Enjoy you pair of shears.