Golden Supreme Braid Cutter & Sealer iron

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Golden Supreme Braid Cutter & Sealer iron
Thermal braid cutter / sealer
  • Cuts and seals the ends of synthetic braids in one step
  • Fast and easy to use

    1. Tough, lightweight construction for maximum performance, satisfaction, confidence and reliability.

    2. Quality handles made of high temperature material that absorbs hand perspiration.

    3. Smooth revolving handles - Teflon hands reduce friction and maximize turning control and comfort.

    4. handles strength - handle will not bend hen squeezed together (as other irons).

    5. Supreme heat control - barrel retains temperature for a long period of time.

    6. Barrel centering - barrel of curling iron is centered for maximum performance.

    7. Outstanding heat distribution - more even heat distribution in the curling iron barrel due to the ends being closed.

    8. Perfect balance - for even weight distribution and ease of operation.

    9. Beautiful finish - natural color for beauty and easy cleaning