GiGi HONEE WARMER for 8oz cans # 0200

GiGi HONEE WARMER for 8oz cans # 0200

GiGi Honee Warmer

Thermostatically controlled

Professionally designed


1 Warmer

1 Sure Clean All Purpose Cleaner

10 Warmer Collars

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Place Collar on rim of Warmer . Remove cap of Honee container. Insert wiper bar into Honee container. . Place Honee container in Warmer. Set dial on "H" for 15-25 minutes until a honey-lie consistency is achieved. Then turn dial to "L" for the rest of the day. . Temperature remains constant throughout the day. Never apply Honee to a client's skin from the "H" temperature settings-test temperature of Honee by placing sample on inside of wrist. . Turn dial to "OFF" every evening. Lift out Honee container with Collar. Then clean with GiGi Honee Sure Clean. . To use again, put on new Collar and insert Honee into Warmer.