Gigi Honee All Purpose Wax - 14oz can

Gigi Honee All Purpose Wax  - 14oz can



Gigi Honee #1 Wax In The World - net wt 14 oz

Removes unwanted hair instantly and gently

This natural formula is the ideal method for removal of unwanted hair.

Gentle enough for delicate bikini area. Leaves skin sleek, smooth and free of all unwanted hair.

Place collar on GiGi Warmer. . Remove cap of Honee container . Place in Warmer. Set dial to High for 15-25 minutes until a honey-like consistency is achieved. Then turn dial to Low for the rest of the day. . Cleanse area to be epilated with Pre-Hon Lotion. . Pat dry with white tissue. . With spatula, apply a very thin cost of Honee in direction of hair growth. If using in eye area, instruct client to keep eyes closed. . Place strip on Honee'd area, rub firmly in direction of hair growth. . Hold skin taut and pull muslin strip off with one quick motion in opposite direction of hair growth keeping muslin strip as close to the skin as possible. Never re-apply Honee to epilated area..Immediately apply firm pressure to epilated area with the cushion of your finger to calm skin. . Use Benzokal Lotion as the finishing touch to smooth, soothe and protect the skin. . To maintain epilation results longer, smooth-on Slow Grow Skin Maintenance Lotion everyday after showering.

This product should not be used by people suffering from diabetes or over varicose veins, moles or warts. Do not use on areas where Retin-A or Alpha Hydroxy Acids are used. Keywords: gigi honee all purpose wax hair remover